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Create the mood you want!

Everyone remembers to order special table linens, beautiful centerpieces, and even additional decorations like lanterns or ribbons. Have you thought about using uplighting to add drama to your event with splashes of color throughout the room? Fanning Flames has new, state of the art, LED uplighting fixtures. LED lighting has revolutionized party lighting and provides an incredibly safe alternative to traditional PAR cans with color gels. LED lighting is cool to the touch and does not emit any odor. Connected to an intelligent controller, your reception can have different color splashes during different parts of your evening. Maybe your wedding colors during dinner, red hot columns for the bouquet and garter toss, and cool blue tones during special slow dances, all provide a subtle yet dramatic change to the feel and emotion in the room.

  • Wigwam Mohave Reception with Uplighting
  • Using uplighting coordinated with dance lights
  • Scottsdale Fairmont Princess reception with uplighting
  • Adding uplighting to a poolside cocktail hour is adding magic to the evening
  • Elegant uplighting!

Shown is a simple uplighting setup for a recent wedding using purple shades along the walls and in the corners.

Don't settle for a room using whatever ceiling lights are available. Create your own moods with uplighting. Email me and let's talk about special lighting options.

Special thanks to Cyndi Hardy Photography for the fantastic photo!

What photographers are saying...

Kevin is the perfect DJ for any event. He flawlessly emcees the event with personality and NO cheesieness. He plays a perfect blend of current and past music and seems to have a 6th sense about the mood of the crowd and what will get them dancing. I have photographed weddings with Kevin 'spinning' the tunes and have been amazed that nearly every single guest was on the dance THAT is the mark of a great DJ!
Crescendo Photography